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Primary Care

No matter where you are in life, we’re here for you. Primary Care offers options to meet your health and wellness needs.

Choose your care with confidence.

Our primary care providers are with you every step of the way, guiding you along the best possible path of care.
Never far from where you are.
Primary care services are available at nearly 30 locations, including same-day appointments, virtual care and online scheduling. At every location, you can count on high-quality care from an experienced Marshfield Clinic provider.
Personalized care just for you.
Your primary care provider is dedicated to preventative care through regular check-ups, screenings and immunizations. You can expect customized care based on where you are in life and your personal health goals.
The right place at the right time.
During regular visits, you can be proactive on symptoms, questions and health concerns to understand your health needs. Primary care connects and guides you to more than 170 specialties at Marshfield Clinic Health System.
Your partner in care.
When you have health issues or chronic conditions, navigating your care can be complicated. A primary care provider helps you manage those concerns, along with keeping your prescriptions refilled and up-to-date.
Compassion when it counts.
When it comes to your health, you want someone to treat you with respect and kindness to help understand your concerns. Our primary care providers help answer your questions and provide resources for better care throughout your life.

Conditions treated with primary care

A primary care provider is your partner and guide toward optimal health outcomes unique to you. Whether it’s acute or chronic health issues, you’ll find available options to ensure you have the care you need.

Care options for you

It’s important to have options when it comes to how, when and where you receive your care.
You decide what works best for you.

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Patient feedback

   She's the best!!, as well as her assistants. She is always on top of things and puts up with my continual chatting when I'm in for an appointment. If I ever have a health-related question, she's the one that I will go to.

Patient from Rice Lake
   Thank you for caring for me and also supporting me to strive for better health. I appreciate being heard!

Patient from Mosinee
    I consider my doctor a friend. I feel she really cares about me.

Patient from Beaver Dam
   My nurse practitioner was amazing. She listened to all my concerns. She is empathic, kind and professional. I went in with concerns and she addressed them all.

Patient from Eau Claire
   I transferred my care from another Marshfield Clinic. She was a new provider to me. Her "bedside" manner is excellent. I felt heard but yet she was extremely thorough and NOT pushy or assuming. My experience was excellent and I am thrilled to now be under her care.

Patient from Phillips
   She knows when I tell her about what going on with me that it’s important. She treats me as a human being, and not just some patient/number. The way she listens and understands that when I’ve let her know what’s going on with me, that she doesn’t throw it aside. She’s honest and that’s what is important. I’d rather have a doctor who tells me the truth and doesn’t hide anything. I’m happy to have her has my primary. She’s amazing.

Patient from Beaver Dam
   Thank you for always being real with me, for comforting me, for talking me off the ledge at times and for always taking the time to explain things in a way that I understand them. You are one of a kind! Thank you for all the years of putting up with me and for all that you do.

Patient from Rice Lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Your primary provider can personalize answers for you and your health. Here are some common questions about primary care.

How do I pick a primary care provider near me?

Click the "Ask us to call" you button to fill out an appointment form. Our staff will contact you to find a day, time and location that works best for you. If you prefer to schedule an appointment over the phone, call 833-359-8407 and our staff will help schedule your visit.

What is the difference between a primary care provider and a specialty care provider?

A primary care provider is your personal health care partner who can connect with you, build trust and care for you for a lifetime. You can see them annually for wellness checks. They can also connect you with a specialty care provider if the need arises for more unique, specialized health needs.

Is primary care the same as a physical?

A physical is one aspect of a primary care visit or annual appointment. A physical is not included in every annual check-up.

Should I choose a D.O. or M.D.?

You can choose a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner for your primary care provider. A D.O. and M.D. are two degrees of medical school training. MDs attend allopathic medical schools and DOs attend osteopathic medical schools.

What is included in an annual visit?

An annual visit or wellness exam typically includes a review of your medical history, past providers and prescriptions. Height, weight, blood pressure and other health screenings may be conducted. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive health advice, as well as any treatment or preventive recommendations.

What is the difference between a wellness visit and an annual physical?

A wellness visit will check for gaps in care and help improve the care you are offered. An annual physical involves an assessment of your overall health with several screenings.

What do I tell my provider for an annual physical?

You can prepare for an annual physical by bringing forward any symptoms or concerns you have with your health. You can have your list of medications and discuss how those are affecting you. Additionally, you can discuss your lifestyle changes, or ask for more information about lab results.

Why would I choose a certain primary care specialty?

Primary Care has various specialties within the department that a provider can specialize in for their practice. These include family medicine, internal medicine, internal medicine/pediatrics (Med-Peds), pediatrics and integrative medicine. However, finding a provider who you trust and feel comfortable with is most important.

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